Get iPhone 15 Pro On Installment with Zain Shabab 199

If you want to upgrade your iPhone device from 14 pro to 15 pro. Then there is a good news for you. Zain has introduced an installment plan for postpaid users who want to upgrade to a new Apple Titanium device iPhone 15 Pro. The device comes with lots of features. So, if you cannot afford to pay in full, get it in installments on Zain and enjoy your fresh app titanium device. Here are the details…

Get iPhone 15 Pro On Installment with Zain

You can purchase the device only from Zain eShop or order it in installments with Shabab 199 package. If you are paying in full the price is SAR 5,199. You can also buy the device with Mobile plan Shabab 199 for SAR 430.10 per month.

Before you place the package with the device, you will need to check the eligibility. Simply visit Zain eShop for iPhone 15 Pro and click the Check Eligibility button when placing the order. Enter your Iqama number, date of birth, and contact number. Agree to the terms and conditions from Zain and click the I AGREE, Next button. you will see on the page if you are eligible to place the order.

For your information, the device is available in all colors and variants and all options are in stock on Zain eShop online. Note that the purchase is only available with a VAT tax of 15%.

Note: You may know that there is a high demand for the selected (15 Pro) device, So, it is possible that you may face a delivery delay of up to 10 (working) days. This is also to keep in mind that only one device is allowed to each customer in the Kingdom. In short, you can not order more than 1 device. If you do so, the previous orders will be subject to cancellation and refund. Also will be considered as fraud.

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