Zain Flex Unlimited Social, Data, and Call Packs

Zain Telecom Provider is an al rounder in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They always bring something cheap, affordable, and valuable for their prepaid customers. Zain has recently launched the best 2 4G/5G enabled packages with unlimited social access, enough internet data, and minutes called Zain Flex.

For your information, only prepaid Zain customers can activate and use the new Flex Zain packages. However, postpaid users are not eligible. Anyway, let me show the details including prices, activation codes, validity, and more.

Zain Flex Packages

There are a total of 2 different Flex packages currently available at Zain SA. The Zain Flex 99, and 319. All these packages come with unlimited social use, but limited internet data, and calls. Here are the details:

Zain Flex 99

The package comes with unlimited social use only for Facebook, YouTube, and Skype. You will get 20GB of internet data, and 250 minutes for local calls. The validity is 4 weeks only. the price is SAR 99.00 (with VAT 113.85 SAR). For easy activation send 102 to 959 via SMS.

The pack will renew automatically right after its expiry date. However, if you want to cancel the Flex 99 package or just stop its auto-renewal then send an SMS 1021 to 949.

Zain Flex 319

The best premium package with 3 months validity and unlimited features. The price of the package is SAR 319.00 (with VAT 366.85 ) only. The validity is 3 months. You will get unlimited social use for YouTube, Facebook, and Skype. 100GB of internet data for other usage and 800 minutes for local calls only. To activate the package send 103 to 959 via SMS.

The Zain Flex 319 package will renew automatically. If you want to cancel it, send 1031 to 959 via SMS. However, you can use the same code for the deactivation of the package.

All the above two packages are 5G enabled. So, there is no need to activate it. Moreover, the minutes you get are only for local use. You can use the mentioned social apps with social data.

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