How to Change Zain 5G Router Password

Zain 5G internet services are affordable and great in speed. However, if you have a 5G Zain router and due to any reason you want to change your router passcode. Then you have reached the right place. Because, In this guide, I am going to show you the step-by-step procedure for how to change your Zain 5G router password. So, let’s get started…

Change Zain 5G Router Password

You can easily change your 5G Zain router password using your phone or laptop. I am going to show you an easy method that will work on any device your Zain 5G router is connected to. Before you proceed make sure that your phone or laptop is connected to the router. Now, please follow these steps:

Go to and hit enter. Log in with your username (admin) and password (admin). Click WiFi Settings, then click Basic. Remove the old password under the WiFi Password option and enter a new one. Then click the Save button.

Change Zain 5G Router Password
Change Zain 5G Router Password

Alternatively, you can go to your WiFi settings and tap the Manage WiFi option to go to the Zain router login page then enter the login credentials to manage it.

Now you will be logged out from the connected Zain 5G router. Go to your WiFi Settings, Select your network name, and enter your new password. You will be connected to your WiFi in the next second.

Moreover, if you have forgotten the username and admin password for your router. Then reset your router with a button available in the router. Just hold it for 5 seconds. Once done, the router will be restarted and you can then check the default username and password of your Zain 5G router on the bottom side of it. Simply use that username and passcode to log in to the admin settings and change from default to custom ones as you like.

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