How to File a Complaint on Mobily Services in KSA

Mobily is third on the list when we talk about the internet, calls, SMS, and other telecom services in KSA. However, Mobily has been a choice for those who cannot afford to waste more money on telecom services. They provide perfect services for prepaid and postpaid users including the internet, calls, and SMS ones. But at some point, you may notice things that you don’t like at all. Then you may be thinking of filing a complaint against their services. Well, that is what I am gonna show you how to do it online. So, let’s get started…

How to File a Complaint on Mobily Services

There must be something in your mind against mobile services in KSA. That is why you are here, I know that. Because before you proceed, it is important to know their customer complaint rights in KSA. Then you go ahead and submit your request or complaint. Please follow these in order to submit your complaint to Mobily regarding their services or weak customer support:

  1. Visit Mobily Support and go to their Complaint or Request Form.
  2. You will need your ID (Iqama number), ID type, and your Mobily number to enter.
  3. Once you finish entering the required details, hit the Send button.
  4. You will get a pin in the SMS with further instructions.
How to File a Complaint on Mobily Services
How to File a Complaint on Mobily Services

Look, you can talk directly to their support team daily at their helpline number is 1100 or 0560101100. Explain to them what’s wrong with their services. However, if you think the support person is not helping you out. Then disconnect the call and recall them again.

Each time you can support, a different person will answer your call. So if one is not helping keep trying with another once. Moreover, you can also file your desired complaint, but that is gonna take much longer time than you expect. That is why I am suggesting you guys call directly their customer support team by daily 1100.

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