Deactivate Zain Extra Services, Stop Auto Balance Deduction

Zain is a cheap and amazing telecom services provider in the Kingdom. They offer hundreds of data packages, call, and SMS plans. However, sometimes there might be autorenewal enabled for packages, and you don’t know it. Also, upon getting a new Zain sim card or whatever, there may be active services on your sim card. That is the reason why Zain in KSA is deducting your mobile balance.

In short, you can deactivate plenty of unwanted Zain extra services to save your mobile balance. This way you can stop Zain from automatically cutting your balance from your account. Today, I will show you how to unsubscribe from unknown or unwanted Zain service and save your balance. So let get started…

Find and Deactivate Zain Extra Services

To avoid extra charges or balance deduction on your Zain sim card. You need to deactivate unwanted services, e.g packages with autorenewal enabled, others, etc. However, to find and deactivate extra Zain services, follow this method. Install the official Zain SA app on your device, register, or log in with your phone number, username, and password. You don’t need any code, please follow these steps:

Open the official Zain SA app, then go to “My Account” then tap the “Account Summary”. Now tap the “Subscribe Services” option. You will see the list of all active services. Simply tab the “UNSUBSCRIBE” next to any unwanted or extra service to stop auto-balance deduction on the Zain sim card.

Deactivate Zain Extra Services, Stop Auto Balance Deduction
Deactivate Zain Extra Services, Stop Auto Balance Deduction

Stop Auto Balance Deduction on Zain

Active services (extra services that you don’t actually need) on Zain are the reason why Zain is deducting your balance. You can follow this method to stop Zain from Automatically cutting your mobile balance: Open the Zain SA app, tap “My Account” and go to your “Account Summary”. Tap the Subscribe Services option and you will see all the active (extra or unwanted) services or packages. Simply tap the Unsubscribe button next to any services or package, which stops Zain from cutting your balance.

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