Get Zain Double Internet Data on Package Renewal

You can now get amazing double data to offer on Zain packages renewal each month. The price remains the same and doubles your internet data by renewing your current internet data package. It doesn’t matter if you have activated 10GB, 100GB, 300GB, 20GB, 50GB, and unlimited plans.

Recently on official, there is an announcement of a double data offer. It clearly means Zain can give more data while you renew your current package. There are no hidden charges and extra fees but only twice the internet data.

Zain Prepaid Plan with Double Internet Data

You don’t need to worry about your desired plan, because the offer is valid for all prepaid customers and especially those who have one of the below packages activated.

PackageRenewal BenefitPriceValidityAll Data
20GB 20GB + 20GB SAR 99 1 month 40 GB
50GB 50GB + 50GB SAR 199 2 months 100 GB
100GB 100GB + 100GB SAR 299 3 months 200 GB

The offer is valid for all customers who have a prepaid internet sim card. Remember if you are getting any package for the very first time and thinking of double data, then it is not for you. It is only for customers who have already a plan activated. Yes, you can get but to renew it before the expiry date.

Zain Prepaid Plan without Double Internet Data

PackageRenewal BenefitPriceValidityAll Data
10GB No SAR 175 3 months 10 GB
100GB No SAR 168 1 month 100 GB
300GB No SAR 450 3 months 300 GB
Unlimited data No SAR 341.25 1 month Unlimited data

This is to inform you that the price remains the same but it doesn’t include VAT 5% Tax. One thing more, the double data offer can be only activated via Zain’s official portal or the Zain app available in Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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