How to Convert Zain Postpaid Sim to Prepaid

Zain is Saudi Arabia’s first and cheap telecom services provider. Though they offer a variety of internet packages, call, and SMS plans for prepaid and postpaid users. However, a customer is independent to convert his/her postpaid number or sim card to prepaid. Moreover, there are requirements and conditions a customer must follow to be eligible. Well, to know about postpaid to prepaid conversion on the Zain network, please keep on reading…

Requirements to Convert Zain Postpaid to Prepaid

You can simply dial a USSD code and call Zain to convert your Zain card. There are requirements you need to fill out before moving or converting your number. To be eligible for the conversation of Zain postpaid line to prepaid, you must follow these requirements:

  • Make sure to not have any unpaid bills or invoices.
  • Ensure that you have a valid Iqama ID.
  • Your postpaid sim card is with you and ensures that it’s fully active.

Once you make sure that you fulfill the above requirements and are ready to convert your postpaid sim card to a prepaid one. Then follow the below easy procedure.

Convert Zain Postpaid Sim to Prepaid

OK, so you are ready to convert your Zain sim card. Take a copy of your valid Iqama ID card and for your record take a photo of your current postpaid sim card.

Then visit the nearest Zain shop or customer care center, a franchise. Then ask them if you wanna convert your sim card from postpaid to prepaid. Then will take your Iqama copy and sim card and will let you know when it should be ready. Upon your request, they will issue a new prepaid sim card with the same postpaid sim card number.

However, it depends on the workload of the network. But it may take 24 to 48 hours for the change to take place. Once activated you will receive a welcome message from Zain. So be patient and wait for at least 3 days in order to let the changes take place.

Other than this, there is no way to do it online from the Zain app or their official web portal. Because you will need to confirm your identity there via a biometric fingerprint scanner so that they will make sure that it’s you and want to change your number or sim card from Zain postpaid to prepaid.

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