Mobily Ranan Service Activation & Deactivation Code

Ranan service on the Mobily network in Saudi Arabia is a ringtone service for your callers. When you activate it on your sim card, each caller listens to music or a specific ringtone of your choice. Though you have complete control over the service. So you can always activate and deactivate or cancel the Ranan service. Today, I will show you how to activate the service, and later on, for some reason, if you don’t like it, then how you can cancel it. Likewise, there are other useful Mobily services, you may wanna check. Always, let’s get started…

What is Ranan Service on Mobily?

The Ranan service in Saudi Arabia on the Mobily network allows setting specific ringtones for your callers. There are different types of it, Ranan Signature, Athan Ranan, and Status Tones. You can desire services as per your needs.

ServiceActivation codeDeactivation code
Mobily Ranan ServiceSend "1" to 1404Send "0" to 1404
Mobily Ranan SignatureSend "31" to 655556Send "30" to 655556
Mobily Athan RananSend "11" to 1404Send "10" 1404
Mobily Status TonesSend "21" to 1404Send "20" to 1404

How to Activate and Deactivate Mobily Ranan Service?

You can subscribe to the Mobily Ranan service easily, simply send the activation code “1” to 1404. Later on, if you want to cancel the service, then send the Ranan service deactivation code “0” to 1404. For more information and to check Ranan’s special tones, visit the Mobily official page.

Moreover, there are other types of services you can select and activate, don’t worry I will show you the easy deactivation codes, in case you wanna cancel the service in the future. Please have a look at the following details.

Ranan Signature (Flash SMS Service)

The service allows showing Flash SMS (message) when someone calls you. For example, when someone dials your Mobily number, they will see Flash SMS on their phone screen. However, you have the choice to set a custom message to be displayed. To subscribe to the Ranan Signature (Flash SMS Service), send “31” to 655556. You can also cancel the Flash SMS Ranan Signature service by sending “30” to 655556.

Athan Ranan (Athan tone)

The Athan tone Mobily service will let your caller hear a beautiful voice when someone calls during the prayer times. You will also get daily SMS with prayer hours as per your current location. Don’t worry Mobily will track and update your location using the GPS on your smartphone. To subscribe to the Athan Ranan “tone” service, send “11” to 1404, to unsubscribe send “10” to 1404.

Status Tones Ranan Service

The Status Tones Mobily service allows you to set different ringtones that describe your current situation e.g driving, eating, sleeping, meeting, busy, etc. There is a huge library out there on the Mobily network, from which you can select the desired ringtone as per your current situation. To subscribe and set status tones on Mobily, send “21” 1404. However, to cancel the Status tone service on Mobily, send “20” 1404.

Let me tell you that, Mobily didn’t show anywhere the prices for such services. However, if you think they are deducting your balance, then cancel their services and stop the balance deduction. You can also go ahead and check all the active services listed on Mobily in Saudi Arabia using the Mobily official app.

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