Zain Internet Packages Prepaid – 2024

Zain internet plans and packages in 2023 are cheap, the best, and with good coverage in Saudi Arabia. There are the best internet offers on the Zain network in KSA with the best prices and full 4G speed. Zain internet plans and packages give you the most data which fulfills your daily, weekly, and monthly internet data usage.

Zain Internet Packages for Prepaid Users

Pick one of the most suitable packs as per your internet data requirements from the packages list. Below are Zain 4G/5G prepaid plans with prices and activate codes as well as validities. Let’s explore them

Zain Internet Package NameTotal PriceValidityActivation Code
1GB Package SAR 15 only 1 month 404 to 959
2GB Package SAR 30 only 1 month405 to 959
4GB Package SAR 50 only 1 month406 to 959
8GB Package SAR 75 only 1 month 407 to 959
10GB (Now 30+30GB Social) Package SAR 175 only 3 months only409 to 959
20GB (Now 75+75GB Social) Package SAR 199 only 2 months410 to 959
50GB Package (not valid) SAR 265 only 3 months only Send "50G" to 959
100+100GB social Package SAR 299 only 3 months only421 to 959
150+150GB social Pacakge SAR 399 only 3 months422 to 959
300GB Package SAR 450 only 3 months only414 to 959
Unlimited Internet Package SAR 325 1 month only416 to 959

Terms and Conditions

  • All the mentioned plans are just for prepaid users in Saudi Arabia.
  • Postpaid users can buy a new  prepaid SIM card and activate any of the above plans as they like
  • The prices mentioned above are inclusive of VAT TAX 15%
  • There are no hidden fees or charges on all packages
  • The pack may not auto-renew so you will need to follow the same activation method mentioned above to get the desired pack again
  • The prices may change anytime
  • Your remaining data will not be added to the newly activated plan, you must use it and leave it as per the requirements
  • Zain will not charge you extra, in such case, you need to call the customer care service number to let us know about the issue and extra charges
  • While activating any of the above plans, you may have trouble, in such case, just dial 959 and ask for their help.
  • Must check out Zain coverage areas before activating any of the above packages.

Zain Remaining Data Balance Check

The above-listed packs are without fair usage and are a limited-time offer. You can always go for renewal of the current plan you have via a recharge card or any nearest Zain office.  You can always check your remaining balance data by sending BC to 959 or following this guide. If you are looking for Zain SMS packages.

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