STC Nintendo SWITCH+2Games+Kit Bro Plans Details

STC now provides the best offers for game lovers in Saudi Arabia. You can STC Nintendo SWITCH + 2Games + Kit Bro with affordable prices for monthly usage. In this article, I will show you the complete details of their Nintendo plans and prices as well as their validity. So let’s get started…

STC Nintendo SWITCH Top Features

If you want the top feature Nintendo SWITCH provides while on the STC network. Here are the full details for the SWITCH, you get the following package:

  • Two Assorted Games
  • Ports: USP-C
  • HDMI + AC Adapter
  • Nintendo Game Card Slot
  • WiFi plus Bluetooth
  • Black or Grey Color
  • 32 GB Storage
  • LCD Touch Screen 6.2″
  • 2 Joy Sticks
  • Bag
  • Earbuds
  • Silicon Grips
  • Screen Glass Protector
  • 4″ Hight of the device
  • Total weight 400G

Nintendo SWITCH Plans and Prices by STC

Now let’s explore the plans and pricing by STC of the Nintendo Switch with a bonus. For Baity users, the prices and packages are different for a regular customer, here are the details.

Nintendo SWITCH Plans and Prices by STC in KSA
Nintendo SWITCH Plans and Prices by STC in KSA

Monthly Payment without plan fees:

different bundles are available starting from SAR 28.75 to SAR 230. You can get plans from SAR 28.75, 57.5, 86.25, 115, 143.75, 172.5, and up to SAR 230 for monthly usage without fees.

Plans for For Baity Bundles Customers:

For 12-month users, plans start from SAR 1840, 1495, 1150, 805, 460, and up to SAR 115. However, for 18 Months users’ packages are from 1667.5, 1150, and 632.5, up to SAR 115 only. Moreover, for 24 Months users the package starts from SAR 1495, 805, and up to SAR 115 per 24 months.

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