STC Level Up Packs for PUBG and More Games

STC has launched new add-on data packages for your main package. You can choose from various level-up plans to play games such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, 8 Ball Pool, Fortnite Mobile, Mobile Legends,  Clash Royale, and Minecraft. Keep in mind, that the mentioned games are supported. You cannot play other games with these level-up data plans. Let me show you the details of these monthly packs.

STC Level Up Packages for Games

There are 3 packages available with both one-time and auto-renewal enabled. You can choose a one-time package or one with auto-renewal enabled. Don’t worry I will show you the activation codes for both. However, there are 4GB, 10GB, and 4GB plans, here are the complete details:

These games are supported in all the below plans: PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, 8 Ball Pool, Fortnite Mobile, Mobile Legends,  Clash Royale, and Minecraft

4GB Package for Games

You can enjoy a 4GB data add-on package with your main package for games. Monthly and one-time subscription is available for all customers. The 4GB level up data package price is SAR 41.00. Validity is 1 month. However, to subscribe to the 4GB pack, send the activation code 2232 for a monthly subscription or send 2172 for a one-time purchase.

10GB Package for Games

The all-time best package for everyone. Get a 10GB level up package for playing PUBG or other (mentioned) games throughout the month. The price is SAR 60.00 only. The validity is one month. The activation code is to send 2211 for monthly and 2111 for one-time subscription. You can also use the STC App for activation.

15GB Package for Games

If you need more data to play PUBG Mobile or more games, then choose the 15GB pack. Get a 15GB level up package for SAR 69.00 for a month. However, you can send this code 2212 for a monthly subscription or send 2112 for a one-time purchase.

For your information, all the above plans are available for prepaid and postpaid STC users. However, you can get one using the code or using the official mySTC application which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Tip, keep checking your balance to avoid balance deduction. If you have any issues while getting a level-up plan, dial 900.

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