STC Pay Offer | Transfer to Pakistan with Zero Fees

STC Pay in Saudi Arabia is no doubt the best money transfer using your smartphone. It’s easy to start and send as well as receive money locally and internationally is no more difficult with STC Pay. Simply add an international beneficiary and enjoy an effortless transaction. The good news is, this time you can enjoy free of charge money transfer to Pakistan. Yes, you guys heard me.

Transfer to Pakistan with Zero Fees Using STC Pay

Get ready for a seamless experience in sending your hard-earned money internationally to Pakistan, all without the burden of hefty fees! This is because STC Pay has the latest ongoing promotion for you to make transfers with zero fees. They make it more convenient and affordable than ever to share your money back home, with friends, and other family members.

This fantastic offer from STC Pay remains valid until December 31, 2024. So, you have a lot of time to take advantage of this cost-saving opportunity. If you want to be eligible for this amazing STC Pay offer, simply ensure your account is activated and verified. Once your account is set up, you’re ready to unlock the benefits of fee-free transactions.

Terms & Conditions for the Offer

Account Activation and Verification: Please make sure that your STC Pay account is activated and verified to be eligible for this promotion.

Destination Limitation: This exclusive offer is specifically designed for transfers to Pakistan.

Versatility in Transfer Methods: Enjoy the benefits of this offer whether you choose bank transfers or use the option for the convenience of cash transfers.

Unrestricted Transfers: Unlike some promotions, there is no cap on the number of transfers allowed per customer. Feel free to make as many transactions as you need.

Offer Duration: Take advantage of this fee-free transfer offer starting from December 13, 2023, up until December 31, 2024. Ensure you make the most of this opportunity within the specified time frame.

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