Zain 110 Package and Shabab 249 Nitro Plan

The Zain package 110, is the most affordable and best plan ever introduced by Zain in 2019. There are unlimited benefits included in the package. You might be thing why this pack is known as 110, it is because of its price, and name. Currently, there are two plans available, Shabab 110 and Shabab Nitro with 5GB and 10GB plus unlimited Youtube.

In this guide, I will show you these packages’ full details, activation code, and price plus validity. We are also about to explore the local call price, international and national call price, regular data usage price. So let’s dive in.

Zain 110 Package (Shabab)

The total price of the package is just SAR 110, however, the validity is 1 month (30 days). It’s not the price but the fee. You will get 5GB of internet data for one month, and unlimited YouTube usage. Wait, there are more benefits, you will also get 500 local minutes (national minutes). To activate the package send “Shabab” to 959.

When you consume all these free resources then the regular charges or fee structure is: Local call rate in KSA is SAR 0.40, Local and international SMS rate is SAR 0.40. Moreover, data usage is SAR 0.40 per MB.

Zain Shabab Nitro Package (249)

Both these packages are the same but the prices and resources are a little high. The price of the Nitro Shaba package is SAR 249, the validity is 30 days (one month). In the Nitro, you will get 10GB of internet data along with unlimited YouTube usage for the whole month. Another great benefit is you will receive 1000 local free minutes (national only). To activate the Nitro pack send “249” to 949.

When you consume free data, calls the rates will be: local call per minute is SAR 0.25, local SMS and international SMS rate is SAR 0.25, and data usage SAR 0.25 per MB.

How to Check Remaining Balance and Data?

Both these plans have different methods to check the remaining balance and data. If you have activated the Zain 110 package then you can check your remaining balance by send “Balance” to 959. But if you have activated the Shabab Nitro package, then send “BC” to 959 to check your remaining balance. Related and Best Pack: Sawa 65 SAR Offer with 10GB data Activation Code.

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