Zain Daily Unlimited Internet Package 2024

Now you can enjoy unlimited internet data usage for 1 day in Saudi Arabia on your Zain network. They introduced the new package with unlimited internet and low price. In this article, I will show the activation code of the daily unlimited internet data by Zain and price, as well as validity. So dive in…

Zain Daily Unlimited Internet Package

For a low price of SAR 15 only, you will get unlimited internet data usage on your Zain prepaid line. However, the validity is only one day and you can use it for 24 hours only. The activation code for the daily unlimited package is to send DUL to 959.

Once you send the message for the subscription. In a short time, you will get back a reply from Zain that “congratulation, you have successfully subscribed to Zain unlimited data package”.

However, the offer automatically expires after 24 hours. If you need to reactivate the package again then you will need to send the same activation code. There are no charges on the plan by Zain upon the subscription of the package. If you are having issues with the activation process, then call 959 or 0590000959.

Moreover, if necessary and you have problems with activation. Then visit the nearest Zain breach or outlet. Then ask them if you want to activate the package. Also, let me tell you that, this package was introduced by Zain back in 2015. However, I don’t know if it is still activated or not. Thus while experiencing issues upon activating, then call 959.

For your information, there is no additional cost for the renewal. So check your balance on the plan is activated. If you think they dedicated more balance, then call 959 and ask them for a refund. Moreover, there are other existing offers for prepaid customers such as social media with unlimited usage, and other calling plans. Let me

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