Latest Friendi Internet, Free Minutes Offers Feb 2021

Bundelha plans are the 4 new offers at Friendi with internet and free calls (minutes). These are the ongoing promotions with affordable prices and enough validity or duration. However, in this post, I will show these packages’ details with price, their subscription, available free calls or minutes, and validity. Other than the below plans, here all internet packs by Friendi KSA. So let’s explore these offers right now…

Friendi Internet Offers Latest

Currently, there are four ongoing promotional offers by Friendi in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For activating any of the below package/offer, dial *112#. However, you can check your remaining free, minutes or internet data following this guide. Now the new offers by Friendi are:

PriceInternet dataOn-net minutesOff-net minutesValidity/duration
17 SAR 750 MB 100 free minutes No 14 days
43 SAR 3 GB 250 free minutes N/A 30 days
70 SAR 10 GB + extra 2 GB 500 free minutes No 30 days
110 SAR 25 GB + extra 5 GB 1000 free minutes No 30 days

750MB and 100 Minutes Offer:

This is the best budget offer, 750 MB internet data for a low price of SAR 17. The validity is only two weeks. There are two extra features of the plan, once you get the pack, you have on-net and off-net 100 free minutes. for activation or to subscribe to the 750MB pack, dial *112#, or use the Friend application.

3 GB and 250 Minutes Offer:

A little far from the budget, 3 GB internet data for a very low price as SAR 43 only. The duration of validity is 30 days for only one month. Other than the internet there are two extra features included in the plan, on-net 250 minutes and off-net no free minutes. The activation of the subscription is easy. Just daily *112# or use the Friend application to get the package with 3GB data.

10 GB and 500 Minutes Offer:

A perfect package for heavy data usage, 10 GB internet data for a very low price of SAR 70. For your information the duration of validity is only 30 days, in short, it is one month. Moreover, you also get on-net 500 minutes and off-net unlimited free minutes. Dial *112# to get the offer or use the Friend application to get the package.

25 GB and 100 Minutes Offer:

Need more data for a low price, 25 GB internet for an affordable low price SAR 110 only. However, the duration of validity for the 25GB data is only 30 days, in short, it is a month. Wait there are more in the offer, you also get on-net 1000 minutes and there are not off-net minutes. However, you will get extra bonus data of 5GB. Dial *112# to activate the offer or use the Friend application from the play store or app store.

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