SAMA: Contact Banks on Iqama Expiry if Your ATM is Frozen

In Saudi Arabia, (SAMA) the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority announced some good news. They have called all the banks to unfreeze the bank account and ATM card due to the iqama expiry date. This is not just for Saudi people but for every person working in Saudi Arabia.

This is a good announcement by SAMA. Because every person has a bank account and ATM card. They send money to their home countries for a living. However, due to COVID-19, Saudi Jawazat and related government offices are closed. They working in it but there is not enough to handle every single request.

Moreover, Jawazat is the only place where people new their Iqama. If the Jawazat is closed due to the coronavirus impact. Then how people get renew their iqama IDs? That is why SAMA has called all the bank to not freeze ATM cards and bank account if a person is expired.

Don’t worry if you are the person who IQama is gonna get expired. Then you can also call your bank and tell them to unfreeze your bank account or ATM card. Don’t worry this is just a simple instruction you need to follow in order to make your bank or ATM card work again.

Sooner or later the government in Saudi Arabia will have a cure for coronavirus. Though everything then will get its normal stat. But tell then, we all need to cooperate with the government. However, they are helping every single person to provide such facilities in current situations.

SAMA has also called banks to previously to extend the Iqama expiry date for frozen accounts and ATM cards. Thus now there is the only thing you need to do and that is to call your bank. Once they received your call upon the account freeze or ATC card not working. Then they will unblock your ATM card and bank due to Iqama expiry.

Yes, this to keep in mind that if there are any other issues because of which your ATC is not working then. Then also contact the bank and they will. But it is just because of Iqama expiry then it, not a big deal.

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