New Penalties for Not Renewing Iqama Before Expiry

Jawazat has a recent announcement in Saudi Arabia. The announcement is about the Iqama penalties. When there is an Iqama and it’s about to expire. Then you must check its expiry dates and renew it on time. Because as per the news now from Jawazat.

There is a fine of SAR 500 for not renewing your Iqama ID for the first time. however, if a person repeats the same mistake again, then the fine is double SAR 1000. But be careful for the 3rd time. Because once your repeat does not renew Iqama for the 3rd time, then you will be deported from the Kingdom of Saud Arabia.

New Iqama Penalties in 2023 by Jawazat

The GDP (General Directorate of Passport) also known as Saudi Jawazat stated that the Iqama expiry checking facility is available to everyone via Absher as well as the Muqeem platform. However, it’s everyone’s responsibility to check their last date of Iqama online. Thus they will know to renew it on time.

Most laborers forget to renew their Iqama online. Because they now don’t know the procedure of checking their Iqama expiry date via Absher. For the new Absher, you will need to create an account and activate it on time.

However, there are lots of ways even to check an Iqama expiry date via SMS or Muqeem. Moreover, it should be one of your top priorities while living in Saudi Arabia. Because without an Iqama ID card, you can not live in the Kingdom.

Moreover, there are strict rules, and when the third time you repeat not renewing your Iqama. Then consider it your last chance and you will be deported shortly from the Kingdom. Believe me guys they do what they say. So I suggest you renew your Muqeem card online or from Jawazat online to avoid these types of penalties and deportation from the Kingdom.

Because paying some penalties is better, but in the end, they won’t let you pay it. You will simply be deported from the Kingdom and no one knows for how long. So keep these things in mind right before your Iqama expiry date.

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