STC Roaming Quicknet Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly

STC has better and more affordable local Quicknet packages. However, now they offer new quicknet internet plans for roaming worldwide. These packs will give you enough validity and better service anytime anywhere in the world. Today, I will show you the STC new Quicknet roaming packages with data, activation code, validity, and more details including price. So, let’s explore these quicknet bundles…

PackagePriceRoaming DataValidityActivation Code
Quicknet 10 Roaming287.50 SAR20GB10 daysSMS "6518" to 900
Quicknet Monthly Roaming517.50 SAR50GB1 MonthSMS "6519" to 900
Quicknet 2 days raoming138 SAR5GB2 daysSMS "6516" to 900
Quicknet 4 Roaming184.50 SAR10GB4 daysSMS "6517" to 900

STC Roaming Quicknet Package 10 Days

Now you can get 20GB quicknet STC data with worldwide roaming for only SAR 287.5 for 1 week. To activate the bundle SMS “6517” to 900. Before doing so make sure that you have enough balance. However, the bundle covers the destinations mentioned in the below screen. For your information, almost all countries in the world are included.

STC Roaming Quicknet Package Monthly

If you are roaming worldwide or in any country for more than a week. Then choose the monthly quicknet package with enough data and 1-month validity. Get 50GB quicknet roaming data valid for 1 month for only AED 517.50. To subscribe to the bundle SMS “6519” to 900. Once the activation is successful, you will get a confirmation text from STC. Check the countries list covered by the new STC quicknet roaming plans (screenshot below).

STC Quicknet Worldwide Roaming Countries List
STC Quicknet Worldwide Roaming Countries List

Terms and Conditions

You can activate the weekly or monthly quicknet roaming package in Saudi Arabia before you take off or reactivate the package anytime anywhere in the world. The prices mentioned above are VAT 15% included. You can only use the official mySTC app or the above-mentioned code the subscribe to the weekly or monthly roaming bundle. The package will only work for the countries mentioned in the above screenshot which is taken from the official STC website.

For your information, there is no fair usage or any limitation while using the allowed internet quota. If you need more information or further, simply comment on daily 900 to get help from an official STC customer care representative.

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