Iqama Check Institute Red Green Platinum 2024

Check your iqama institute/company status (yahoo) red green 2023 platinum, and yellow online on MOL. Big thanks to MOL for the online portal for the ease of expatriates and citizens. Iqama and Kafeel’s color code might be different as red, green, yellow, and platinum and it depends on Saudization. Ministry of Labor introduced Saudization which means the number of Saudi workers in a company or Mosasa or institute.

The more Saudization the more green color, the less Saudization the more red color. It is also called Nitaqat, which means the implementation of Saudi citizens in companies and institutes. Moreover, let’s explore it more then we will go ahead with how to check Iqama Nitaqat status online.

What is it Iqama Red Green Colors or Nitaqat Means?

The red color means the lowest number of Saudis “Saudization” in a company. The yellow color means more Saudis “more than the red category” in a company. However, the Green Color means a high number of Saudis “more than the yellow category” in a company or institute. Platinum means the highest number of Saudis “more than Green category” in one institute or company.

Check Iqama Red Green 2023

Let’s see how you can check your company, institute, or sponsor/Kafeel Nitaqat category on the Ministry of Labor [MOL].

  1. First, visit the MOL website.
  2. Enter your “Iqama Number” (refer to the below screenshot).
  3. Enter the “Captcha image code”.
  4. Now click the “View” button in the Arabic language, it’s “Behis”.
  5. Now just wait a while then you will see Iqama sponsor or Kafeel and Company color.

Iqama color check steps

Update: Furthermore, this is very common and almost everyone is searching to check iqama institute status red-green platinum. In addition to this, this is the same method either to check the status of the institute.

While entering the id card number or image captcha code, ensure that everything is correct. Otherwise, you may see the result of another person holding the number your entered mistakenly. Moreover, when the result is displayed, you may get confused.

For proper results, check the iqama status color red or green, yellow, or platinum. Ensure that everything you’ve entered is correct. Related: Check Iqama Generalization Report KSA.

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