How to Check If Saudi Visa Fake or Original

I will show you how to check if your Saudi visa or original or fake. Nowadays it is very hard to find a valid visa because there are agents and agencies who provide fake visas and then disappear. They took people’s money and enjoy a happy life. However, there are tools available online to check if the visa you are holding is fake or original.

Before we buy your ticket to Saudi Arabia, it is important for all of us to verify our visa, Mehna, and its originality. You have to ensure that don’t just check if it is fake or original but also validity, profession, and more things online. So what are we waiting for, let’s do it.

Requirements to Check Saudi Visa Fake or Original

There are two different procedures available online. So you can follow the one easy for you, but there are a few requirements. Please remember or keep the visa number, passport number, and or visa application number in front of you before proceeding. Because these are the only requirements.

Check Saudi Visa via MOFA

To check if your Saudi visa is original or fake:

  1. Visit Mofa first.
  2. Now you need to select the “Visa using the number” option.
  3. Enter your “Order number” then “Passport number”.
  4. Finally, click the “Enquiry” button, and wait.
  5. Now the page should reload you will see a form like the below (look at the screenshot) one.

Check Saudi Visa Fake or Original via Mofa


Check Saudi Visa Fake or Original via Mofa and Enjazit

Once the Mofa query page reloads successfully, you will all of your details on the visa. If something goes wrong then consider your visa is not original. But if it is, then carefully check every single detail.

Check Saudi Visa via Enjazit

You can check whether your Saudi visa is original or fake Enjazit which is the same thing. But I don’t know why people are making it different. Anyway, that is another topic, let’s get into the procedure.

  1. Visit Enjazit first.
  2. Now please select “Visa using the number” from the list.
  3. Enter your “Order number” then enter your “Passport number”.
  4. Finally, you need to click on the “Enquiry” button and wait for a second or two.
  5. You will see a form containing all of your details.

For some people, their E number might be a little bit different as per profession. So don’t get confused with that, it is normal. If you want to know about the types of Visas in KSA then here is the list:

List of Saudi Visa Types

There is not just a work visa, there are more also. For your information, each visa has its own requirements, fees, eligibility, and more. However, we are talking about the types of Visas and they are:

  • Work or Labor Visa.
  • Commercial, non-commercial Visa.
  • Business Visa.
  • Family Visa.
  • Visit, Umrah, and Hajj Visa, etc.

One last thing, please note while checking out your visa originality, if you don’t have something, like your information, etc. Check your Visa application number, if that is correct and it is for sure that your visa is fake, not original. Read more: How to Renew Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia.

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