US, UK and Schengen Visa Holders Can Visit KSA

You are lucky if you are holding a UK, US and Schengen Visa and passport. Because Saudi Arabia has recently announced that these visa holders can visit the Kingdom anytime. The national airlines are now allowed to board you up while holding the mentioned visa. As per the government of Saudi Arabia, these are the rules everyone should follow.

The good news is also for those who are holding a European Union Counties visa. They are can also visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia anytime they want. All these people including who works in the Kingdom on projects can now enter on arrival visas with no worries.

For your information, it does not matter if they are other nationals and have different religions. Just they need to have the mentioned countries visa in their hands while visiting the KSA. Let me tell you that in the Schengen visa there I believe 26 more countries included. Read Saudi Grant Nationality to All Professional Expatriates.

As per GACA (General Authority of Civil Aviation) clarifies that the decision amends on tourist, work, and business visa holders. Yet, let me inform you that there 2 conditions on them. The 1st one is they should have a valid and legal visa in their hands upon arrival. However, the 2nd conditions are the passport they are holding must be stamped one or more by the mentioned and allowed counties above.

It has been GACA who applied these rules on December 4th to all national and international airlines to receive America and Schengen visa holders. If they met the above 2 mentioned conditions. Read The Iqama of yours is now your Health Insurance Card in KSA.

Anyway, it is a good step towards the bright future of American expatriates and other business holders int the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their fees might be now to equal to nothing. and they must live with ease now as they are just like the Saudi citizens now. All these steps are towards the Saudi Vision 2030.

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