Expats Leaving on Final Exit Can Return to KSA

This is great news reported in Saudigazette that any expatriate who is leaving on the final exit can return to Saudi Arabi. The GDP (General Directorate of Passports) also known as Jawazat has announced that anyone who is leaving the Kingdom with proper way can return anytime on any visa.

Previously there were rumors that any who leave KSA on the final exit won’t be able to get back to the Kingdom. Now Saudi Jawazat has denied and has a clear point on this. For your information, if there is no fee, crime or such thing against your valid iqama Id. Then you can return and visit Suadi Arabi whenever you want.

The only thing you must had left the Kingdom on a regular basis and should not be left any violence record against you Iqama. This is what the Directorate of Passports stated in the statement.

Moreover, this is to inform you that you must renew your iqama if it is gonna expiring before your leave. If you left the Kingdom without any notice or begin telling your sponsor. Then there is a ban of more than 5 years. Thus you can not return to the Kingdom and will be sent back to your home country from the airport.

What we will suggest, you know that how you left the Kingdom right? If it was a regular and proper way then there is no need to worry about that. However, it is without being notifying your company or Kafeel then it is a ban you should return to KSA.

There is no need to pay extra fees for a visa to get back to the Kingdom. It is safe to get there and you can work as normal and earn some SAR. However, make sure to leave again in the proper way and having a valid iqama ID.

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