How to Switch Number to Another Network KSA

In Saudi Arabia, you can easily transfer your mobile number from one network provider to another. For example, if you are using the Zain number you can switch to STC, Mobily, Friendi, Virgin network anytime you want. Thanks to CITC (The Communications and Information Technology Commission) for allowing switching between networks in Saudi Arbaia.

Procedure to Transfer Mobile Number to Another Network

Upon landing in Saudi Arabia, you have got a sim card of a network. Thus you are not that much aware of how good is a network in Saudi Arabia. However, after some time if you are satisfied with services offered by your current network provider, Zain, STC, Mobily, etc. Then you can easily switch to another network for free.

For your formation at this time, you can switch to Zain, Mobily, or STC network in KSA. Because these are the only network offer sim porting. However, the overall process is completely free of any charges.

The steps you need to follow

If you want to port your mobile number to Zain, STC, or Mobily network in KSA. Then you will need to visit their office. Thus don’t forget to take your valid Iqama ID card and your sim card (from the one you’re porting). Just request them you want to change to their network and they will the rest of the process.

They will issue a new sim card, the complete setup will take up to 72 hours. However, it usually takes 24 hours. Once the process completed, your current sim card will drop the signal, and then you can insert your new network sim card in your phone and start using it.

Remember you don’t need to pay any service charges, the overall process is completely free of cost. If they ask for any fee, then tell them there is no fee for such service. Also, you can to that desire network helpline number to confirm.

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