Saudi to Create 17K Jobs in Supermarket & Hypermarkets

The MHRSD in Saudi Arabia also knows as The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has to create up to 17K jobs. But not for expatriates, yes, you heard me, these jobs will be available for the Saudi nationals only. However, both men and women are included to have jobs in the supermarket and hypermarkets.

Jobs in Supermarket & Hypermarkets by the end of 2021

This is an initiative by the Ministry at the end of 2021. Yes, this is a plan for the next year, so they will have up to 17 thousand jobs in the hypermarkets and supermarkets by the end of 2021.

The HR ministry in Saudi Arabia has called application to be available in the desired stores, local stores. However, the last date for submitting the application is 8 days only. So if you are the person who has interests in such a job then submit your application to the nearest store or supermarket, hypermarkets within 8 days.

This is due to the new Saudization program for all the big and developed one. So that they can more power and resources as well as benefit from the Kingdom while having a strong Saudizatin value. As they are four different values of the Saudization program in the Kingdom.

You may hear of Nitaqat or IQama colors. The red, green, yellow, and platinum, the strong color a company has will have more benefits from the government.

For your information, all the supermarket now has 105K employees in it with up to 35% of Saudi nationals. However. hypermarkets the total number of employees is 48K while the Saudization of the number is only 35%.

However, there are opportunities for all Saudi national women and men both. They can apply within 8 days to have a job by the end of 2021 in a supermarket or hypermarket in Saudi Arabia.

What do you think of such implementation in the Kingdom? Are you seeking for the job, let us know in the comment section below.

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