New Cinema Theater Opening in Jubail & Al Ahsa KSA

In Saudi Arabia, the government is about to open its first cinema theater in Jubail and Al Ahsa. The opening of the theater in these two regions is on the 26th of August 2020 at 4:30 PM. However, the first film they will show to the public will be on the screens at 5:30 PM in the evening.

Including these two cinemas, Saudi Arabia will reach the number of 20 all over the Kingdom. However, as per Saudi vision 2030. They are gonna make Saudi Arabia the most advanced country. Anyways that is another day topic.

For your information, back in 2018, Saudi has launched its first cinema theater for the first time. However, they have now reached up to 20 cinema theaters in the Kingdom as fo 26th August 2020. However, they are gonna open in the Jubail Mall and it contains 5 quality screens and 416 seats. All these changes are just of Saudi vision 2030.

Moreover, as we know that there still the pandemic in the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But they will be taking care of the public health and following the precautionary measure as instituted by the government for the good health of the people. However, the government is taking control over the pandemic, and sooner, they will erase it from the Kingdom.

However, there are plans you might don’t know about. This is to inform you that back in 2018, Saudi has mentioned 40 different cinemas in different and major cities of the Kingdom. However, they have reached the goal of 50%. As of now there including the cinemas in the Jubal and Al Ahsa there will be 20 cinemas show theater in Saudi Arabia.

So it looks like they are gonna do what they promised and Saudi Arabia will be a great country at the end of Saudi vision 2030. We hope to see some big new changes in the Kingodm for our better future. Trending: TATA Coms Granted Local ISP Telecom Saudi License.

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