Jawwy SIM 30 Extra 1+1GB Social & 100 Minutes

Jawwy from STC gives you something exciting as their prepaid customers in the Kingdom. They have introduced their new best budget package Jawwy SIM 30 Extra with amazing features.

The package gives long-lasting validity for a whole month, great value on the internet and social data as well, and free minutes for local use in Saudi Arabia. However, let me show you the details.

Jawwy SIM 30 Extra

There are other hybrid packages from Jawwy at affordable prices. But the new SIM 30 Extra packages are for those customers who cannot afford premium STC and Jawwy plans. Anyways, here are the complete details of the package:

SIM 30 Extra comes with:

  • The price of the package is SAR 34.50.
  • 1 GB internet data
  • 1 GB of social data for social use only.
  • 100 national minutes for local use.
  • The validity of the package is 28 days
  • Activation is available via the official Jawwy SA app.

For your information, the social media data in the package is only allowed to use WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Telegram.

The available minutes in the new SIM 30 Extra package can be used for Local calls to all networks and landline numbers.

The good thing about Jawwy is that you can share the package benefits (internet data and minutes) with two numbers under the same account or numbers.

You can also gift this SIM 30 extra package to other Jawwy customers using their official app only. Yes, only via their app, not via other channels.

As a Jawwy prepaid customer, you can control or manage your remaining benefits using the official Jawwy application only. Keep in mind that it’s a one-time package, and won’t automatically.

The price mentioned for the package (SAR 34.50) does not include VAT 15%. It will be deducted upon activation. Moreover, here is a package that comes with unlimited YouTube and more amazing benefits.

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