How to Cancel Jawwy Sim KSA

Jawwy is no doubt the best Telecom Services provider from STC in the Kingdom. You might be using many SIM cards from them or STC. However, if you ever want to cancel a Jawwy sim card and don’t want to visit their franchise. Yes, you can do it online using your smartphone or computer. Then this article is for you.

I will show you the step-by-step procedure in order to cancel a Jawwy sim card registered on your Iqama ID. Don’t worry it’s easy, please follow these steps.

How to Cancel Jawwy Sim

There are three methods to do so. One is using to call their helpline and request them to block your number. 2nd is to visit their support page online, click the Block your Sim button, and follow the mentioned steps. However, the 3rd is to visit their help center, use their support links (Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, or Tweet), and request them to cancel your sim card or your current order (if any). Let me show you the 1st method in detail…

1. Call Jawwy Helpline

All you need is to dial their helpline number 900 or 0114555555. Request the customer care representative to cancel your SIM card. They will ask some questions including your Iqama and OTP, etc. Once they confirmed everything. Shortly, they will close your SIM card.

2. Use their Live Chat Support

As per Jawwy, they are available 24/7 to chat and help their customers online. Simply visit their support page and click on the Chat or Messenger button. You will be shortly connected to a Jawwy customer care representative. Simply request them to cancel your number. Answer them when they ask some confirmation questions. Once done, your Jawwy number will be canceled shortly.

How to Cancel Jawwy Sim Online

I will suggest you visit their nearest office to close your sim card. However, the above method is the only solution if you don’t have time to visit their outlet. That is exactly how you close your Jawwy number online.

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