Jawwy SIM 200 with 97GB + Social Data

The Jawwy sim card by STC is getting more popular day by day. They are adding great features to the voice and internet data sim cards at an affordable price. Anyone in the Kingdom can easily buy such a cheap package and extra features like the internet, social data, and national minutes. Today, I am going to show you the very recent package they have launched, the Jawwy SIM 200. It has everything to fulfill your needs. There is enough internet data, more validity, and national minutes to let you stay connected anywhere in the Kingdom. So, let me show you the details.

New Jawwy SIM 200

Jawwy has recently launched a new SIM card package with internet data minutes and social data. The new Jawwy sim card comes with the following benefits:

Benefits of Jawwy SIM 200

You will get unlimited internet data for social media use, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Telegram, YouTube, and WhatsApp. You can use these apps without any data limitations in the plan.

There is 97GB of internet data included in the package. You can use the 97GB for browsing, downloading, or any activity on the internet. The choice is yours. However, it has both 4G and 5G connectivity enabled by default.

Other than the above, you will also get unlimited national minutes for free in the package. You can have unlimited calls to any network in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for free. Moreover, there are no calls for international use and there is no SMS in the package.


The price of the Jawwy sim 200 is only SAR 230.00. For your information, the mentioned price includes VAT 15%. In short, SAR 230.00 is the final price for the Jawwy SIM 200.

How to Order one

You can visit the nearest STC or Jawwy office to purchase the new SIM 200 with eSIM or physical SIM card. The choice is yours. However, if you want to order one online, visit the shop.jawwy.sa and order your sim card over there.

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