Jawwy eSIM Packages & Activation Method “KSA”

Jawwy is a premium STC extension for those users who needs more data and minutes for an affordable price. They have recently introduced their new eSIM package to all users. Anyone with a Jawwy physical sim card can replace their sim with a digital eSIM card online. For your information, Jawwy eSIM is a digital sim card with no physical appearance and it’s easy to activate on your device. All you need is to ensure that your mobile device is compatible with a digital sim card.

Jawwy eSIM Packages

Today, I am going to show all the Jawwy eSIM packages in full detail. I will show you with each eSIM package, how much data, minutes, and social data you are going to get. However, these prices and resources may change from time to time. I will also show you the prices for each eSIM package and the activation method. So, stay here and keep on reading…

Jawwy eSIM 200 Package

The price for the eSIM 200 plan is SAR 230 with VAT. However, you are going to get unlimited free minutes to all networks, unlimited data for social media and YouTube, and 97GB of internet data for local use only. You can get the eSIM 200 package from the nearest STC office or using the Jawwy official app.

Jawwy eSIM 150 Package

With Jawwy eSIM 150 you can have 50GB of internet data, with 3000 national minutes, and unlimited social data including YouTube and TikTok. The price including VAT is SAR 172.50. It is a limited-time offer. However, the price may change from time to time. You can easily subscribe to the eSIM 150 plan via the Jawwy official web portal, or using the Jawwy app.

Jawwy eSIM 100 Package

20GB of local data, 30GB of social data with YouTube and TikTok, and 1500 local minutes are included in the new eSIM 100 package by Jawwy. All these are for only SAR 115.00 only, the price is VAT inclusive. You can order one from the Jawwy official website or using the Jawwy SA app. You can also visit the nearest Jawwy or STC branch for a subscription.

Jawwy eSIM 70 Package

The new Jawwy eSIM 70 package comes with 20GB of local data, 500 free local minutes, and unlimited WiFi. Note that there is no data for social apps. You may wanna get any of the packages listed above to use social data. The price for the Jawwy eSIM 70 is SAR 80.00 which is VAT inclusive.

Jawwy eSIM 30 Package

This is an affordable Jawwy package with an eSIM. However, you are going to get 1GB of data for local use only. Also, 100 minutes and there is nothing more in the plan. The price with VAT 15% is SAR 34.50 only. You can order it via the Jawwy official app or their official website. For the activation of the eSIM card, please follow the below instructions.

Jawwy eSIM Activation Instructions

For your information, the Jawwy eSIM card is only compatible with iOS devices only at the moment. Later they may add support for other devices. However, once you order an eSIM card from Jawwy, follow these instructions to activate your eSIM (digital sim card).

Before you start activating your eSIM card, make sure that you are connected to a WiFi device. The activation won’t work if you are using mobile data. Follow these steps:

Open the Settings app on your iOS device. Then go to Cellular, and tap Add Cellular Plan. Use your iPhone, or iPad camera to scan the QR code. You may be asked to enter the confirmation code, enter the code you have got with getting the eSIM, done. Manual instructions are mentioned here.

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