KSA Recovered 86% of COVID-19 Cases of Total 277K

Good news, we have some amazing announcement today. As per the Saudi Health Ministry in KSA, they have reported that they have recovered more than 86 percent of total of 277 thousand coronavirus cases. However, they have confirmed new 15 hundred cases. Moreover, there are a total of 21 people gone in the last 24 hours.

This is the report official announced in the Saudi dash Expatriates blog. For your information, they have now a lot of control over COVID 19 in 2020. The report is from all various hospital in the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For your information, all the newly infected or old infected personal are isolated from the recovered ones. This is sad that there are 21 people who are no longer in this world due to the coronavirus. All we can do is pray for them. Moreover, the complete details of COVID 10 cases are here:

  • The total number of infections of coronavirus: 277 thousand.
  • The total number of people recovered is 237 thousand.
  • Active cases are 37K, Critical is 2K, and people who are not here anymore are 2K.

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia still recorded the highest number of infection the main Riyadh City with up to 102 cases. However, total number is decreased up to 4K. For your information, the second-highest city in terms of corona infection is Makkah that has reached up to 1.6K cases.

But if we look at the recoveries, Riyadh is on the top of the list. Thanks to the government of the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for such implementation and caution as well as strict action performed during bad situations. Still, they are doing great in terms of applying differently to keep people safe from the corona thing.

Thus the people who live KSA, even if these are expatriates and citizens. They need to cooperate with the government in order to bring the old and happy days back in the Kingdom.

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