SAR 10K Fine on Regulations to Protect Workers in KSA

The MLSD (The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development) in Saudi Arabia implemented some new lines to the violation and penalties list. The news is officially in the News Paper this moring as of today in Saudi Arabia. However, it’s all about protecting the worker in the Kingdom and give them their full rights.

10K Fine on Regulations to Protect Workers

As per the MLSD in the Kingdom, anyone who violates their rules and regulations is complying for a fine for SAR 10,000. Moreover, the fine is double and triple with a number of workers. Not just the but and cases violating the rules and regulations of the MLSD in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read also 26 Nepalis and counting are Infected in Saudi Arabia.

According to the sources mentioned in Saudi Dash Expatriates this morning. The main aim behind taking such a decision is to protect the workers in KSA. This is especially in the private sector and employee who is kind of weird with their workers. These are all precautionary measures and to provide a better future to the workers in the private sectors.

So this is added to the table of violation and penalties 63rd paragraph of the 1st item of the MR 178743. Now let this explore a little more for you so that you could understand it in a better way.

Each private in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need to comply with such rules added now to the table of violation and penalties. However, if a company doesn’t, then they are applicable and punishable for a fine of SAR 10K. Also, the company needs to keep this mind that, this is not just about a single worker. But if they found more, then the penalties could be double. However, the 10K will be and keep multiplying with a number of workers and cases.

For example, if there is a worker in a company and file some cases against it. Then the company has been found guilty then 10K. But if it two workers then 20K, and the number will keep growing. That is all you need to keep in mind as private sector employers. In short, you must comply with MLSD rules and regulations.

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