Eid Al Adha Prayers are Allowed but in Prepared Places

In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs recently has some good news for all of us. This time it’s about Eid Al Adha, they have told to the public that, to pray the Eid Al Adha prayer but the prepared mosques and not in Eid Ghahs or open places.

The Ministry of Islamic sent its loyal personal in almost every corner and mosques in the kingdom for checking where Eid Al Adha prayer shall be pray. However, strictly to avoid to pray the Eid Al Adha in open places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is happening for the very first time in Saudi Arabia.

In the history of Saudi Arabia, since its independence day. They have never faced such a station to not pray Eid prayer in open places. This is happending due to the current worst pandemic scenarios.

However, those mosques where the Ministry allowed people to pray. There should be a precautionary measure everyone needs to follow. These precautions will be issued by the competent authorities, however, everyone almost every person knows that what are these precautionary measures. Read also: Al Salam Park in Riyadh Fee and Location.

As per the reports, The Ministry of Islamic affairs did this digitally. Launching apps and other online programs and information websites that help in providing different types of precautionary measures to its people and through them, mosques allowed are updated. However, as we are not aware of such action but Yes Saudi Expatriates do.

For your information, everyone needs to follow these preventive protocols. As these are for our good health and a better future. Looking at the current pandemic situations, there will no fun of the Eid Al Adha as it was before. But after we can pray for ourselves and our good future.

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