Free Money Transfer with AlBilad & Enjaz in KSA

Good news for you, now you can transfer money to your home country free of charges. Because Bank Albilad and Enjaz let you transfer money internationally free of charges. There is no fee over money transfer from sending money via Enjaz and Albilad Electronic portal.

We all know that there is a lockdown due to the pandemic in Saudi Arabia. So we cannot visit banks if we can there are limitations and rules to follow. But we need to send our money back to our home country because there are our children and wives waiting for our wealthy help.

So that is why Bank Albilad and Enjaz have some good news for you. If you are an Enjaz account or an account on Bank Albilad any branch. Then you can transfer via their online services for free of charges. Read Saudi Actions as well as Decisions Regarding Coronavirus.

I am gonna explain it a little bit further so that you can understand it the better way. I think there is a way to create an account online on the Enjaz website. But even once you have an account on the Enajz website then you will add your money through their deposit ATM or via MADA card. If you can do so then transfer your money internationally without any fees.

If so, they have online apps available on both Android and iOS platforms. You can simply go ahead, get there and download the Enjaz app add your funds via ATM and send it to the funds to your home country. They won’t charge you for a single riyal.

For your information, this is a limited time offer. The offer will be ended soon on 30th September 2020. If you wanna know more about the offer then you can search for StayHome promotion offer by Enjaz or Albilad Bank in Saudi Arabia. However, you can also call your bank for more details if you any queries or so.

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