Saudi Actions & Decisions Regarding Coronavirus

As in March Saudi is took all the necessary steps. I mean for the protection against coronavirus. They closed shopping malls, medicines, centers, shops, beauty salons, and barbershops as well. Why? Because to combat the COVID with full power.

The Kingdom is in full power and taking precautions. However, the implemented the above in terms of public health protection. Read Saudi is fully Prepared to Fight Coronavirus.

KSA’s Decisions Regarding Coronavirus

For your information, the WHO World Health Organization announced it as Pandemic. That is why the government is taking these steps for the protection of Expatriates and Citizens. The most major decisions are as follow:

  • For the period of 16 days, the government suspended all the workplaces. All places including but not electronics and security centers, health and security places, military section and remote education system.
  • The order to close each and every commercial and super malls. But not pharmacies and food supplies. But as per the government, they should have take all the necessary action while supplying the food etc.
  • To ensure that men’s barbershop and beauty salons are closed.
  • Suspended gathering in public places.
  • Limitations are implemented and do tasks remotely for public and beneficiary sectors.
  • To limit workers in the areas where the numbers should be decreased and work can be continued via remote services. This is for all companies, Mosasa, and Institutes.
  • This is important for all working companies in KSA to implement the home quarantine service for protection and public safety. Read Saudi Ban Shisha as well as Tobacco Serving in Restaurants.

Let me inform you that the number infected is now more than 118. However, the government has been successful while recovery for the three of the infected personals. They are lucky very lucky I believe. On the other hand, there are rumors that Pakistan has discovered the anti-coronavirus. I hope these rumors become true.

Our suggestion to cooperate with the government and fight the virus with the union. Also, we all need to pray more.

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