Madina Public Parks are Open to Public from 20th August

So Madina Al Munawarah was close due to the pandemic coronavirus in Saudi Arabia. Now that Saudi Arabia has recovered and almost has control over COVID-19. The Municipality has announced that they will be open Madian public parks to the public from 20th August. So today it’s August 20th in 2020. The good news is The Madina Al Munawarah is opened to the public. Thanks to the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the Municipality has explained that there is still a pandemic. That is why they have opened the Madina Public Parks in the Kingdom but for all visitors, precautionary measures will be applied. However, the public parks are open from this afternoon, the 20th of August 2020. Read more: Al Salam Park in Riyadh Saudi Arabia Fee and Location,

This is a good step toward the better future of the Kingdom as they have now almost control over the current pandemic situations. Moreover, there are still some patients infected but they are taking good care of them. But opening such public parks with implementing precautionary measures is a good sign of improvements. As they have decreased the number of infected users from almost 200K to 32K. Which is perfect news for all of us living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

For your information, such implementation is necessary. This is because people living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will think positively and may take care of their good health. I think this is the main reason why they have taken such a step. But after all its for good, as the government knows better than us. They do care about their people and expatriates living it.

Well, there is still the pandemic at some points. So we need to be very careful in terms of taking precautionary measures and taking good care of our lives. This is better for all of us and the government to get out of the situation.

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