Saudi Drivers to Replace Expats Taxi Drivers

There is bad news for expatriates who are working as a taxi driver in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government is going to replace the expatriates drivers by Saudi drivers soon. The main of the campaign to recruit and get a job for Saudi citizens.

Recently the Saudi Arabia Transport department announced that each expatriates driver will be replaced by a Saudi driver. The main reason behind this is that there are more than 20,000 thousands of expatriates working as a driver in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only in Riyadh city. They are gonna about to replace them and get a job for their citizens.

It means that more than 20,000 Saudi citizens will get a tax driver job soon as the campaign has just started. Let me inform you that it includes all the driver’s such as drivers at Careem, Uber, and related services. However, what they are gonna do with the drivers in the companies nobody knows.

It has been mentioned in the Arab News that Majed Al Zahranin talked about this campaign is gonna get started and to increase the Saudi Taxi Drivers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For your information, the number of taxi services has been increased gradually from 100,000 up to 600,000 since 2015. Though the Taxi sector is now ready for implementing Saudization.

The taxi job is famous in the Middle East and reputed job as of Careem and Uber services. It is not just for men but for women too. Thousand of women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia applied for such a job, because of its safe environment. It is a good source of income and has a better future for the kind of middle-class families.

Thousands of Saudi citizens will have a taxi job but unfortunately expatriates will go home. However, they can get a transfer to another Mehna and get other jobs as there are tons of easy jobs available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. What do you think of replacing expatriates drivers by Saudi Taxi drives? Let us know the comment below.

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