Saudi May Cancel HAJJ This Year 2020 Update

For the first in history since Saudi Arabia takes place on planet Earth. They are gonna make a decision to cancel the Hajj this year in 2020. As per Saudi dash Expatriates and its sources. They are gonna take such a decision next week in the month of June 2020.

Suadi is About to Cancel HAJJ This Year

The authorities in the Kingdom is gonna take such worst decision due to the pandemic. As you can the situation in 2020, it’s gonna getting worst and worst day by day. However, the total number of coronavirus cases increased up to 127K. As it is a pandemic and can spread in crowds very fast.

There are thousands of Muslims coming from around the world for the Hajj. They are gonna get together and there is a pandemic coronavirus. That is the case so that they are gonna take such a decision to save people’s lives. Read also: Aramco in Saudi Arabia Increase Oil Prices.

For Muslims around the world, this is the worst situation ever in history. People have not donged Hajj in 2020. On the other hand for the government its a big loss. Because Hajj is the main source of income of the Kingdom. For Muslims and Sudi Arabia, it’s a huge loss, but there is nothing we can do. Because Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam.

Earlier in 2020, the authorities told countries to stop Umrah’s plans. Thus they provide refunds to its people. Possibly they may do something to continue the Hajj. That may cost them strict rules and stop elders as well as implement advance check-ups.

On the other side, flights in countries are still there. Due to that, they cannot let their people go for the Hajj. Even if Saudi Arabia doesn’t cancel, your country will not allow you to do so. That is doing Hajj this may a dream for al the Muslims from all over the world not just Saudi Arabia.

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