Coronavirus Spitter Penalty in Saudi Arabia

If you are an expatriate working in Saudi Arabia. Then you should stop spitting in public areas. I am talking about malls and different places in the Kingdom. Recently there is very uncommon news. The public prosecution mentioned that eachExpat person. It does not matter where he or she belongs. But if they cough spitting in public areas. There is a strict D penalty. Yes, guys, you have heard.

Penalty on Coronavirus Spitter

Let me explain a little more. Now if you are working in Saudi Arabia. Now you have a doubt you may Allah not but you have coronavirus infection. Thus you are spitting everywhere in the Kingdom. If the government caught you then there is the D penalty. This means there won’t be any mercy.

This is short and very clear news by the Public Prosecution in Saudi Arabia reported in Gulf News as well as Saudi Expatriates. Read Saudi Suspended All Work for 15 Days.

You might be a thing why Saudi Arabia is taking that much strick action against such activity. This is all of because one man arrested. He was spitting here and there in the public areas to spread the virus in the Suadi Arabia said to be the public prosecution.

He was about the spread the COVID-19 coronavirus infection here and there internationally. After investigating the accept his crime and thus the government has taken this action. Don’t worry this is not for a person who is innocent.

You are and me we both are safe. Just take care to not spit here and there in the Kingdom. Read Saudi Actions each and every Decision Regarding Coronavirus.

After all, it is a good habit and we are all responsible and should take care to stop the spread of COVID-19. We need to cooperate with the government in every single activity they are helping us. This is for public safety and who is the public, obviously, it’s me and you. So please cooperate.

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