Expatriates Must Register on Absher – Jawazat Update

Yesterday on Jan 21 Saudi Jawazat announced that all expatriates must register on the new abuser online portal. They must register to avail of all the e-services of MOI Absher in Saudi Arabia.

Wha is Absher?

For your information, Absher is an online portal by MOI with tons of e-services. It has created and designed by Saudi Jawazat for expatriates and Saudi citizens. So that people can check their Iqama related queries, traffic violations, add funds for Iqama renewal and much more.

Benefits of Registering on Absher

The main purpose of the portal is to manage and update your information related to Iqama and other services in the Kingdom. Jawazat told expatriates to register because they can get tons of benefits setting back in their homes. For example, if you are about to renew your iqama, you will add funds on the portal online via your bank and then you pay it for your Iqama renewal.

You can also pay your traffic violation fees to avoid increment in the fee and pay it time via Absher. You can also issue new visa for your family and other family members under your sponsorship etc.

Most expatriates are visiting the Abher online portal for checking their iqama expiry date online. So that they must aware of their iqama expiry and renew it on time. Here are the full details for MOI Absher registration and account activation (New Absher). Why you must register? Because there is no such way to check the iqama expiry or other services online unless you do register on the Absher. So please take your time and register yourself on Absher new online portal.

If you don’t have much time, you can follow the procedure on your smartphone. Though you can download and install the new Absher app for your Android or iOS device and get those services. Moreover, using the Absher app let your check your Iqama related and other services on the go.

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