New Fuel Prices in Saudi Arabia

The giant Saudi Aramco has recently updated the fuel prices in Saudi Arabia. I gonna show you the new petrol, gasoline prices will constantly update each month in 2020.

Yesterday on February 16th Saudi Aramco updated the price list for petrol, gasoline in 2020. The changes in the prices have taken place from yesterday. Oil and each of these prices will constantly be updating each as per Saudi Aramco.

New Fuel Prices by Saudi Aramco

Starting from this month, from yesterday 16th Feb 2020, the new Gasoline 95 price is SAR 2.11 per liter. However, the new Octane 95 price is also SAR 2.05 per liter in the Kingdom. Moreover, the oil prices will be updated as the 10th of each month starting from March 2020. Read Expats Needs to Pay Family Fee in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Aramco mentioned that the oil prices will the same same as the export price. Meaning, there is huge oil exportation from KSA to other countries. You might know it too, so now the Saudi Aramco has decided even in the Kingdom the oil price will as of export prices.

It does not matter anymore that what will be the oil price of export per liter. The same price must apply here in the Kingdom as well. I really think you have got my idea. Read Saudi Arabia New Green Taxi.

From now on, it is the oil the same oil price as per international market, I don’t know much about the international market price. But Saudi Aramco is taking a huge risk.

Anyway, we will see in the near future, these prices, the international oil price, etc. Moreover, these prices are decided with the full cooperation of the Saudi government as per Saudi-expatriates dot com.

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