No Transaction Fee on Pakistani Expatriates

There is a piece of good news for PK Expatriates. All Pakistani Expatriates working in Saudi Arabia can now send money to Pakistan without paying the transaction fee. Thanks to the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recently we have heard that Pakistani national can send money via banks SAR 750 and more without paying SAR 16 transaction fees.

Transaction Free Money Transfer for Pakistanis

It is a great step by the Saudi government to help Pakistani workers saving their money. Before there were transaction fees of SAR 16 on transferring the money via banks to Pakistan. But now it is not anymore, the transaction fee is eliminated.

You are very lucky to be a Pakistani, send remittance of SAR 750 and more in just a single transaction and guess what? The Pakistani government is to take care of the fee if the transaction is at least SAR 350. Read Send Your Money from KSA to Home Country using STC Pay.

This is not Saudi but Pakistan is taking care of such things. The government of PK will have to pay these fees in 6 months. But Pakistan workers need to cooperate while sending the money via banks (legally). You don’t have to do that (Wunday) type things anymore. You are saving your money if you transfer via banks only.

However, on the other hand, if you pay someone else to pay that amount in Pakistain to your relatives. Then they will cut such amount for example if you send SAR 500, you will need to pay extra SAR 25 in order to deliver. Then why you don’t pay such amount via banks, it makes sense right? Read STC to Pakistan Call All Packages Price Activation Code.

As per the Pakistani government, workers and business holders remitted around 22 billion US dollars back in 2019 legally. So they are about to implement the transaction free remittance to boost is up 24 billion. It is all about for making things legal only and stopping people from sending money via illegal channels such as Hundi, Wundy, or Hawala.

The receivers of the amount must open a bank account and Pakistan is about to support you while paying the transaction fee for you. Also on each transaction, they receive from foreign banks will give them some extra incentives. Long live in Pakistan.

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