Official Holidays, Vacation and Leaves by MOL in KSA

Here I am going to explain all the holidays, vacations and leave officially by MOL/Saudi Labor Law in KSA. First, we will talk about the official holidays and leave then more. So let us jump into our topic for today.

Holidays and Leaves by MOL

Every person in KSA should have their Eid Ul Fitr holidays for the month of Ramadan. These officially must start from each twenty-ninth of the month of Ramadan. But these holidays need to be held on the Umm Al Qura calendar. Read Expats Needs to Pay Their Family Fee in Saudi Arabia.

All employees in the Kingdom are entitled to the holidays of Eid Ul Adha. The holidays are four. These 4 days of Eid Ul Fitr holidays must start from Arafat 9th of Dhu Al Hajjah. All the companies are entitled to be closed on the National day and employees must have their holiday for one day only. This is incasing if the National is on a regular business day.

Annual Vacations by MOL

There is a vacation period of just 21 days only in every single year for employees in the company. If the company or employee agrees, then the vacation can be increased by 30 days more. However, if the employee wanna stay more out of the country for vacation then they must pay for extra days.

Companies are not allowed to force any of their employees to reject the vacation period. However, if the employee doesn’t wanna go for the vacation then there nothing to worry about. Also, companies need to pay if there any of the salaries are due to the company. Read Saudi Arabia Clarifies the New Rules for New Entry Visa.

Personal Leaves as per MOL

All expatriates/employees are allowed to leave in emergency and other cases. The companies must pay them their due payments or salaries. However, if there is an emergency or any other they wanna leave for, then their documents required to be confirmed by the employer.

However, for the final exit, it is the right of the person to leave anytime. But there are several conditions they must aware of. There should not be any agreement signed if the agreement is near to expire then the employee is suggested to not sign any further agreement to leave.

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