Saudi Sent 3000 Bangladeshi Workers Back Home

Back on Thursday the Saudi Jawazat send up to 3000 Bangladeshi workers back home. It has been noted in the recent flights from Saudi Arabia to Bangladesh Dhaka. Each flight was carrying up to 130 Bangaldeshians.

Do you know why the Saudi government takes these steps? This is because all those workers are undocumented, in short, they were working illegally. Let me clarify some of them are have the iqama expire, this why we tell Expats to renew their iqama id as quick as possible when it is about to expiring soon.

Saudi Airlines carrying those workers and the flight was landed in Hazrat Shah Jalal Airpot Dhaka. The time was about 11:20 PM. For your information in recent news channels in Bangladesh, some of the workers are telling the media that even with legal docs the government detained us.

The number of workers is increasing day by day. However, it has been mentioned in the official of Brac, more than 21000 Bangladeshian will be sent back to the home country. No one is clarifying the official and solid reason behind this scenario.

Back in 2017 and 2018, the Saudi government took the same step with Pakistani workers too. But most of them were leaving legal and legal documents. Gradually the government is going evergreen and taking steps towards the better future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As per the Saudi vision 2030, they are cleaning up the Kingdom from the mess. I mean recently back in the last week they banned Shisha and related products in public places. Also, the apply tax 50% on sugary drinks.

It clearing means that the governments are taking good steps for the bright future of the Kingdom. What do you think of these recent updates, you can leave a comment below and let us know your opinion on this topic.

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